Get your classic-rock fix with ‘Luminary Angels’ by Bohannons

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Classic rock has been a radio staple for a long time, and for good reason. It grabs the attention – especially of those who grew up with the music. By definition, there isn’t any new classic rock at the moment. However, some bands out there have really mastered the sounds of the 70s. With the new album Luminary Angels, Bohannons shows it is one of those bands.

You don’t have to wait long to hear the classic-rock sound of this band. The album begins with "Run the Roads", and you can immediately hear the similarity to Neil Young in the lead vocals. Meanwhile the melody – particularly the second half of the song – is some good boogie rock that is sure to get you pumping your fist or moving your head. Or both. If anything "Luminary Angels" sounds even more like Neil Young. This one has a slower tempo. The vocals are particularly powerful in the parts of the song that are muted. The entire song is reminiscent of Neil Young, ranging in style from psychedelic rock to a singer-songwriter vibe. The sound seems to swirl around you as you listen, which makes for a cool listening experience.

If you didn’t know any better, you might guess "2000 Nuthin’" was recorded in the 70s. The guitar especially would be right at home in a 70s song. There is also a bit of a protest element in this song with the lyrics, "I’m not the first one, not the last one to say they gave us freedom just to take it all away." Had this been recorded in the 70s, this song would likely be a classic-rock staple.

The band also shows it can slow things down with "Heart Go West". This is a sort of waltz that is reminiscent of The Band both in the melody and the storytelling quality. At a little more than three minutes, this is a pretty standard song, but it seems like it’s over before you know it because it’s so enjoyable.

This album shows not only that this is a band with some songwriting talent, but also the ability to rock. This will fit right into the collection of any fan of classic rock. Luminary Angels (Cornelius Chapel Records) will be available everywhere on June 16.

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