unsecured bad credit loans direct lenders

Short Term Loans For Bad Credit From £100 To £2,500

Other types of loan tailored to your personal circumstances are available, such as bad credit loans which can help with repairing your credit score. We recommend checking all of the offers available to you before proceeding.

Long answer: Pounds to Pocket reports its customers’ repayment habits as positive or negative, depending on their ability to repay their loans on time. Specifically, if a customer makes on-time payments and completes their repayment schedule by the planned date, Pounds to Pocket’s report should reflect a positive change to their credit score. If their payments are late, chances are that the Pounds to Pocket report will impact their rating negatively.

When looking into poor/unsecured bad credit loans direct lenders, it is important to understand your options – our customer service staff are available to help you make an informed decision. Your first port of call should always be your bank; they may be able to help you even if you feel that your credit is in a poor state. If your bank can not help, then why not talk to us? We will listen to your needs and talk you through your various options. We charge no upfront fees and will never pass your details on to 3rd parties without your knowledge.

allows multiple lenders to solicit your business after you fill out just one application. APRs are competitive and there are several types of loans, which top out at a generous $35,000. Of course, this is a referral site, so your terms, fees, and APRs will vary depending on the lenders who contact you. This kind of information can be easier to determine with a direct lender.

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